Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, March 23- 7:10 AM

Yesterday was phenomenal. Once we got here, Rosa (translator) was leading children's church and the fun began. The kids were so energetic and I was able to communicate with so many of them. We gave them Peeps and Smarties and it was precious to see them figure out how to eat them.

"Puedes ayudarte?" Can I help you?

Then, we took them all down to the beach and played games with frisbees and soccer balls and we ran and gave piggy back rides in the water. We played our hearts out! We were so filthy. Their sand is really dark because of volcanic ash and it sticks so easily to your legs. It looked like we were wearing knee socks!! The little girls loved the piggy back rides but some refused to go in the water for fear of getting in trouble with their mamas. Well, we're about to do our morning devotion.

McBrayer wedding
Haiti team
Tony and Debbie

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