Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nana's Pre-Estate Sale

We are getting nana's house ready for an estate sale.  Mom, Dad, and I will be in Butler this Saturday organizing and pricing everything that we can to be ready. If you are interested in getting a first look and/or first chance to buy ~ you are welcome to stop by between 12-2 p.m. on Saturday. The real estate sale is Labor Day weekend on Saturday, 9/1.

Everything is priced to go. There are household items and furniture and a HUGE shop full of tools and gadgets. If you know anyone who is interested in a wide assortment of children's magic please let them know. Sending a child to college? Come shop for kitchen items and bedding! Cash and carry!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Junior Year!

School is now underway!! I'm not sure exactly about what to post about because the first two days of school haven't been that exciting... I will be a lot more busy this year however, than last year.

School starts at 8. My schedule is:
1- Bible 3 (theology stuff)
2- AP US History
3- Honors Spanish 4
4- Weight Training
5- AP English (my teacher's words, "This class will make you think about everything in a new way. We are the "how" and "why" of a novel while general english studies the "what" in a novel.")
6- Pre Calculus (I've already found a tutor in our church.) ;)
7- Anatomy

School ends at 3 each day and from there I go to football practice, because I have taken on the position of football manager. This actually was a hard decision because of the time commitment, but being the wild child I am, I decided to go for it. Practice ends (is supposed to end) at 6, but on Monday it ended at 6:45. I have gone to the athletic trainer and agreed that I can leave at 6. There are several positives to this seemingly "why is she doing this???" job. I will get to letter in athletic training at the end of the season. It also opens up job/career opportunities in a field I have recently become interested in. Games really make it worth it though. And I love what I do. I keep water coolers/bottles/cups filled. I set up the big tent area for water breaks as the football players arrive to practice. I am learning and began today my experience in actually helping with injuries, cuts, etc.. I will be able to tape wrists/ ankles at games. I am responsible for turning on the AC in the press box before practice in case we have a player fall out. There are so many things, but I absolutely love serving and I am glad I have found my place that God can use me.

I also will participate on the Student Leadership Team I was nominated onto. We have a real meeting before school at 7 once a month and I heard today that we will have prayer time weekly. The majority of my friends are on that team. We will also serve at events such as Grandparents' Day.

I will also be leading a club/group called Girl Talk. It is really a great ministry for middle school girls. One of my friends who graduated last year left it to me and another junior to do. So, I'm excited! I will lead discussions on certain topics such as dating/ friends/ school/ and other problems that they may want to talk about with someone who has already been through the middle school years.

As for my family, we all have some new adventures in front of us!

Mom is teaching EIP this year at East Lake Elementary. It's a position to give early intervention for kids who struggle... I guess. haha I actually don't know a lot about it, but she gets to work with the little kids and she said it's like a dream for her. She loves it so far. She starts testing stuff tomorrow with her kids.

Dad is still teaching Science and Bible at Strong Rock. He will also continue coaching varsity women's soccer. This year, he is also coaching middle school football as an assistant. That will help with my time predicament being manager of the varsity team. All we've had to do so far is provide water for the varsity team, but we will have 100+ mouths to fill when middle school starts practice tomorrow!

Well, that's all for now. I now have an early bedtime until the homework piles up later in the month. :) Thanks for your prayers and I hope you all have a great week.